When Companies Invest in People… Good Things Happen

Last week, I shared an article by leading innovation consultant Brad Power in the Harvard Business Review that spoke to our core belief at Scoutahead™. Simply stated, that successful companies find, make, and take the time to gather valuable information and insight from their own employees. Not just intermittently, but regularly.

The conclusion? Checking in with your people isn’t only good for morale, but good for business bottom lines.

In the HBR piece, “Why John Deere Measures Employee Morale Every Two Weeks,” Power links to a 2015 study conducted by SHRM/Globoforce that makes a credible case that “cultural differentiators” were the keys to “engage, nurture, and attract employees” and that a “best-in-class culture was predicated on recognition and appreciation”.

In short, companies that want to recruit and retain the best people, the people who deliver the best business results, promote an inward and outward culture of respect and recognition.

By tracking the element of motivation, alongside such metrics as development speed and quality, teams have achieved between a four- and eight-fold increase in the amount of product development work they deliver every two weeks (a metric called “velocity”). And, in turn, that means this can significantly reduce the time it takes to bring new products and new features to market”.

– Harvard Business Review

As Scoutahead™ prepares for our official launch this summer, we are counting on this thinking to change the face of employee-engagement. But, we take it a step further.

We believe that employees today have more power than ever to manage their own professional growth – and deserve to do so in an environment they can control. That’s why we’ve built the Scoutahead™ platform with the principles of anonymity, privacy, and confidentiality at the core. Scoutahead™ users are confident that the information they give (and receive) is entirely their own.

It’s truly information you – and only you – can see and use.

Why stop there? We’ve also developed the functionality to be a tool people can use independent of their company and workplace… a technology that makes it easy and fun to engage the community of their choice, whether that is a small group of co-workers, or friends and family.

These, and a host of other features rolling out over the next few months, make Scoutahead™ a never-seen-before informational engine for companies, employees, individuals, and students alike.

As more companies – from the ranks of the Fortune 500 to scrappy start-ups – harness the full power of their own people, I look forward to sharing their stories, transformations, and testimonials here and on Scoutahead™ social media channels. With Scoutahead™, the potential is only limited by your own imagination.

Big things to come . . .


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