Chopper Trading Holiday Party 2013

Our annual holiday party is a way to wish Chopper employees the very best for their holiday season. It brings the entire team together with friends and family to enjoy each other’s company, and to enjoy a crucial component of any holiday festivity: delicious food. We had a lively dinner, drinks, conversation and a band – Maggie Speaks – that encouraged people to get up and out of their chairs to dance.

The closing of the year reminds us to thank our fellow Chopper team members for their hard work, and tremendous growth and improvement that they have demonstrated throughout 2013 – even though their efforts have been appreciated every day. I have said it before and I’ll say it again; I am so proud to work with some of the smartest, hardest-working individuals in the industry.

Happy holidays to all!

2013 Chopper Trading Holiday Party | See more event photos on Raj Fernando’s Flickr photostream 

Chopper Trading Annual Holiday Dinner

On the eve of Chopper Trading’s annual holiday dinner, I wanted to express my gratitude for all of the hardworking men and women here at Chopper. The team that I have behind me is truly world class and I am proud to call them not only my colleagues, but also my friends.

As we close on another year here at Chopper, I would like to extend my warmest thanks and appreciation to all of our employees. Our dynamic team of individuals is committed to delivering the highest quality of work, while positively contributing to the collaborative environment, which are top priorities of mine and also major factors in Chopper’s success!

Again, I would like to thank everyone at Chopper Trading as we near the end of 2012.