Chopper Trading and Intramural Volleyball:

The most popular sport that we participate in, as a company, is volleyball.  At any given match, there are almost two dozen Chopper team members taking to the beach. Interest is so high, in fact, that we have created three teams this season, however each team shares the same name – the Chopper Rough Sets. Of course, part of the appeal is that Chicago summers are so beautiful and they provide the perfect weather for being outside and active, especially after working a full day inside an office.

Intramural sports, such as volleyball, provide all of us with an opportunity to get up from the computer and have some fun – along with a little competition – with our fellow teammates, while enjoying being active and exercising in the beautiful city of Chicago.

The video below gives a brief look into what summer at Chopper and in Chicago is like, including some of the various activities available to residents and tourists alike. Check it out!

Our Chess Team at Chopper Trading

This fall marks the 2nd year of  Chopper Trading’s  participation in the Chicago Industrial Chess League. Our division consists of Chicago Loop-based corporations and a few university chess teams so matches are conveniently located near the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT). Our Chopper Trading Chess Team meets up primarily on Tuesday evenings for practice and competitive matches against other teams. The season runs until early spring.


Good luck, team!


Chopper Trading Chess Club

Chopper Trading Chess Club A few members of the Chopper Trading Chess Team