Chopper Trading and the Boy & Girls Club of Chicago

The Boys & Girls Club of Chicago (BGCC) is one of the nonprofit organizations that we have developed a relationship with over the years. We recognize the importance of mentors in the lives of youth, and as such, we have found a way to help guide them to reach their full potential.

Every other Thursday, Chopper Trading employees open the doors of our office to middle school students in the BGCC. We help them with their homework and school projects, play games in our company’s game room, and sometimes we’ll just catch up over pizza. By sharing their time and knowledge, Chopper employees are able to create a safe, educational and structured environment for the BGCC students to continue their development as productive, responsible and caring citizens.

We are proud to be viewed by the BGCC as a team that can provide its young adults with the atmosphere and guidance that they need and want.




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