Changing the Way We Get Information

In a crowded space of job sites … company rating forums … professional networking tools … online surveys … social sharing … automated annual reviews … and all other digital feedback mechanisms, it seems that every which way you look, there is another ‘latest and greatest’ platform promising “confidential, anonymous, private, and closed network” data for business and daily life.

But what about security?

What about guaranteeing credibility?

What about soliciting information not for information’s own sake, but to gain meaningful insight?

When I founded Chopper Trading in 2002, I knew my company was only going to be as good as my people. That’s why I placed a premium on building a strong and vibrant workforce from the ground up.

I believed that if every employee was encouraged and empowered to solicit credible information from their peers on their own performance, their own deliverables, their own aptitudes, they could then develop in their own careers on their own terms.

This free-flowing exchange of information became the lifeblood of Chopper Trading’s success. The best part? If it worked for us, it can work for you.

Today, we have more opportunity than ever before to use the power of global networking and engagement in real-time, but it’s worthless unless we can assure we’re dealing and receiving authentic, credible intelligence. Simply put, we must do more to ensure the information we’re using is what we need to hear, not what others want us to hear.

It’s a challenge worth taking on. And so, my team and I have committed ourselves to systematically overhauling the mechanics of information sharing. We’re turning your garden variety “feedback, evaluation and opinion seeking” exercises into a legitimate exchange and delivery of the best possible information in a truly private and anonymous environment.

I am excited to introduce you to this new venture – a transformational platform designed to help everyone, everywhere get the right information from the right audiences.

Stay tuned for more information and for our official launch. Big things to come …

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