Raj Fernando Invited to Chicago History Fair’s 35th Anniversary Dinner

I was recently invited by a longtime colleague and good friend, to attend the Chicago History Fair’s 35th Anniversary Dinner. This event was hosted by the Chicago Metro History Education Center (CMHEC), which works to improve history education in middle and high school classrooms in Chicago and its suburbs. CMHEC offers programs throughout the year for teachers and students that support project-based, inquiry methods of learning history. The organization’s signature program, Chicago Metro History Fair, is an annual competition in which local students present their own historical research projects on topics relevant to Chicago.

It was inspiring to attend such an event and observe the dedication and passion for learning and discovery that the students demonstrated in their work towards becoming a student historian. The skills required for success in the History Fair, I believe, transcend the classroom and will prepare the students for achievement in whichever endeavors they choose to pursue in their lives.

I am a firm believer in providing equal access to a quality education and supporting your local community. For these reasons, I was happy to have been invited to this event and presented with the chance to support a cause that I believe in so strongly.